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An Analysis of Market Opportunities for Packaging Machinery Manufacturers

The goal of this study is to understand the activites and positions of five Chinese Packaging Machinery Makers.

This market study assesses the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, home care and consumer appliance sectors in Thailand, with the ultimate objective to help PMMI members understand the

Interest rates in Brazil remain largely misunderstood. PMMI’s new 2018 Brazil Packaging Machinery Market Assessment reports that the actual cost of borrowing by local Brazilian businesses remains

Looking for Insight into the Mexican packaging machinery market? The new Packaging Machinery Opportunities in Mexico report highlights several positive factors indicating packaging machinery demand

Discover all you need to know about the Canadian packaging machinery market – the brand new PMMI report, The Market for Packaging Machinery in Canada, indicates that the market for packaging

PMMI’s 2018 Guide to Global Markets provides insight into key markets for packaging and processing machinery over the last year. Highlights include forecasts on crucial markets for packaging and

This is the third edition of PMMI's annual Guide to Global Markets. Many of the packaging trends and broader economic themes covered in this edition should resonate with PMMI members, as we have

The 2017 interpack Report offers a taste of the innovations and technologies PMMI Media Group editors and PMMI staff felt were worthy to share with members who did not make the trek across the pond

This report focuses on showcasing packaging machinery opportunities in the region (Jalisco, its seven neighboring states, as well as Sinaloa and Querétaro). The main purpose of this research was to